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The survey


The Survey



Organizations change quickly

Your annual screenshot might be out of date within weeks. Our survey matches the speed of your organization.


One question per week

We send one question per week to all your employees. You can track the trend of the employee experience at any time.


High response rate

The survey is sent by email and can be answered via a direct link. Your employees only need to click on the link.


Employee recognition


Colleague Champion

We ask all employees who their favorite colleague is. This will give you a comprehensive overview and great input to reward an employee for their effort.



We count how many times an employee answers a survey and give a rating/reward. You can see this overview directly.


Prevent issues

We have dedicated questions to measuring workload and work/life balance. This will support you in preventing health issues.

Employee recognition



Let's improve!


Let's improve!



Test more quickly

With weekly feedback you can easily track the results of your improvements. You can even send out specific questions to test your improvements.


See the trend

You can see the development of the employee experience every week. Now you can spot issues directly and improve.


Get better feedback

Employees don't need to wait a year to give feedback. You will receive high quality open feedback for the short term.





You can choose to send the survey ever week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. The survey always contains one question.


Pause survey

You can pause the survey for as long as you like with one click.


Edit questions

We have predefined question sets, but you can edit all questions manually.




Extended survey


Extended survey



Once a year

Once a year we provide an extended employee survey. This survey challenges complex aspects of the employee experience.


In-depth analysis

Our team will analyze the extended survey. This analysis will include aspects which are not standardly included in the weekly analysis such as collaboration with other teams, board attitude, and team goals.



The extended survey complements the weekly survey. There is a small group of questions which overlaps with the weekly survey. These questions will be used to set the standard of measuring both surveys against each other.

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